Hardback Publication
26 June 2020

Book 6 in Michael Russell's wartime thriller series is published on 2nd July by Constable/Little Brown and available in hardback and ebook from all good on-line retailers and booksellers. 1941, Detective Inspector Stefan Gillespie is ferrying documents between Dublin and war-torn London. When Ireland's greatest actor is arrested in Soho, after the brutal murder of a gay man, Stefan extricates him from an embarrassing situation. But suddenly he is looking at a series of murders, stretching across Britain and Ireland. The deaths were never investigated deeply as they were not considered a priority. And there are reasons to look away now. It's not only that the killer may be a British soldier, Scotland Yard is also hiding the truth about the victim. But an identical murder in Malta makes investigation essential. Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean war, is under siege by German and Italian bombers. Rumours that a British soldier murdered a Maltese teenager can't go unchallenged without damaging loyalty to Britain. Now Britain will cooperate with Ireland to find the killer and Stefan is sent to Malta. The British believe the killer is an Irishman; that's the result they want. And they'd like Stefan to give it to them. But in the dark streets of Valletta there are threats deadlier than German bombs...


24 June 2020

Catch Jane Pearson's latest episode of EMMERDALE on Wednesday 1st July at 7pm on ITV. Andrea's worst fears are confirmed while Rhona and Nate fear they will be found out.


written by Lee Pressman
12 June 2020

Pug wants to perfect his magic tricks, so Dog opens up an adventure to meet the great Hugh Deanie. But Pug’s magic allows all the rabbits to escape! Dog saves the day by dressing the magician as a carrot, leading all the rabbits to follow him into his magic hat. Don't miss Lee's episode showing on CBeebies on 26th June at 9.15am