UTOPIA Amazon remake

17 September 2020

US remake of the cult-classic British thriller, UTOPIA, premieres on Amazon Prime on Friday 25th September. Mark Aldridge originally developed the show and received a "Based on an original idea by" credit on Series 1 and 2 of the UK version. Once again, a nerdy gang of comic-book fans wonder if a graphic novel is telling the truth about a sinister global conspiracy that involves a flu-like pandemic. The new version starts John Cusack and is written by Gillian Flynn.


11 September 2020

David Stafford's wonderful period crime novel, SKELTON'S GUIDE TO DOMESTIC POISIONS, is published in hardback on Thursday 17th September by Allison & Busby. ................ Before being propelled to front-page fame by winning the case of the century, Arthur Skelton was a fairly unremarkable barrister. Now he is enjoying the attention that being dubbed a hero of the press brings – namely practising his distinguished pose and his autograph – much to the amusement of his wife. But January 1929 brings another high profile case. Mary Dutton is accused of murdering her husband, although there are few people who dispute her guilt. The case is considered unwinnable, however, despite the odds, Skelton agrees to defend her – a decision that has absolutely nothing to do with her resemblance to a beautiful Hollywood actress... With an army of flappers set to cast their inaugural votes in the looming general election, both sides of the political divide are keen to secure their support by turning the case to their advantage and begin to lean on Skelton. Aided by his trusty clerk Edgar, Skelton faces mounting pressure to find the truth. But will that be enough to save a young woman’s life? The series continues with Skelton’s Guide to Suitcase Murders scheduled for publication in 2021.


08 September 2020

Catch Jane Pearson's latest episode of EMMERDALE on Tuesday 15th September at 7pm on ITV. Charity hands over money to Kirin, after he threatened to make life difficult for the adoption unless she paid him off. When Kirin notices the money she has given him is less than the amount they agreed, he demands the full sum by the following night. Meanwhile, as Billy pleads for Dawn to give him another chance, she forces herself to stay strong and lies by saying that she never loved him. Elsewhere, Dan struggles to pay his bills.