20 October 2020

Start the week with Jane Pearson's latest episode of EMMERDALE at 7pm on Monday 26th October on ITV. Dan decides to go back to work at the garage too soon and his daughter Amelia ends up paying the price… Will anyone come to the Spencers rescue?


30 September 2020

End the week with two episodes of EastEnders written by Kim Revill at 7.35pm on Thursday 8th and 8.35pm on Friday 9th October on BBC1. Gray struggles on the day of Chantelle's funeral. Whitney has her first day in court for the death of Leo. She's shaken from the debacle but Sonia tells her to put it all behind her.


Shaun's non-fiction debut published 1st October
25 September 2020

MATTER OF FACTS: ONE MAN'S JOURNEY INTO THE NATION'S QUIZ OBSESSION by writer, actor and champion quizzer, Shaun Williamson is published in hardback by Cassell on Thursday 1st October and available in all good bookstores and on-line retailers. A journey into the obsessive world of quizzing. It includes stories from Shaun's past such as tales from his time playing Barry in Eastenders; the discovery of a long-lost son; hiding from an angry Mike Reid in a broom cupboard; acting with Ricky Gervais and David Bowie, and the loss of his boyhood friend in 9/11. Actor and celebrity quizzer Shaun Williamson lifts the lid on a National drug that everyone hooked on: quizzing. A Matter of Facts is a personal journey into the world of quizzes. At the start Shaun enters the World Quiz Grand Prix, pitching his knowledge against the Nation's finest minds, including Eggheads and Chasers... he fails. Unperturbed, he sets out to improve his skills through memory training, practice and even hypnosis in an attempt to move himself up the rankings of the quizzing elite. Shaun's adventure sees him get his old quizzing 'band' back together to see if he can triumph in the leagues. As he does so, he meets many characters and experiences the wonderful vagaries of the pub quiz - discovering its place, not just in communities, but in people's lives. He also reminisces about his life before acting as an alcoholic postman, a stalled naval career,a Pontins blue coat and his journey to becoming Barry in EastEnders. Over the course of year Shaun aims to end his journey at a victorious return to the Grand Prix... can his experiences and new-found knowledge end in victory? A Matter of Facts is a fun, fascinating and heart-warming read that will be adored by those who enjoy a regular meeting of alcohol and trivia.