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THOMAS & FRIENDS: Philip's Number

written by Lee Pressman
30 August 2018

Philip tries to discover why he was given the number 68 in Lee's episode airing on Friday 31st August at 6.50am on Channel 5's 'Milkshake!' strand.

THOMAS & FRIENDS: Cranky at the End of the Line

written by Lee Pressman
24 August 2018

Cranky thinks that his days at Brendam Docks are over in Lee's episode airing on Tuesday 28th August at 6.50am on Channel 5's Milkshake! strand.

PETER RABBIT: Tale of the Locked Cage

written by Darren Jones
23 August 2018

When Mr McGregor locks Peter and Samuel Whiskers in a cage the two must join forces in Darren's episode airing on Monday 27th August on CBeebies at 7.45am.


written by Lee Pressman
21 August 2018

The Fat Controller's new public address system causes chaos in Lee's episode on Friday 24th August at6.50am on Channel 5's Milkshake! strand


17 August 2018

Jane Pearson's latest episode of EMMERDALE goes out on Tuesday 21st August at 7pm on ITV. When Victoria finds Abby crying, she assumes Matty told her about his transition and lashes out at her for not understanding. However, Victoria is mortified when she realises Abby didn't know after all. Matty is devastated, but will he be able to forgive Victoria? Meanwhile, Leo is disinterested when Rhona explains that Pete is moving in, but he's determined to win him over. Elsewhere, Jacob receives a stark warning.

THE CORONER: That's The Way To Do It

written by David Bowker
16 August 2018

There's a welcome repeat showing of David's excellent episode from Series 1 of THE CORONER: "That's the Way to Do It" on Friday 24th August on Drama.

PETER RABBIT: Tales of the Hungry Thieves

written by Darren Jones
16 August 2018

When Sammy Whiskers dupes three mice into stealing a plum pie Peter comes to the rescue in Darren's episode on Wednesday 22nd August at 7.45am on CBeebies.

ODDBODS: The Amazing Slicko

written by Lee Pressman
14 August 2018

Slick recruits Newt to be his magician's assistant - but will he be willing to share the stage or does he want to hog all the limelight for himself? find out in Lee's episode on Saturday 18th August on CITV at 6.55am

FIREMAN SAM: Castles in the Air

written by Lee Pressman
09 August 2018

A gust of wind blows the bouncy castle out to sea in Lee's episode airing on 15th August at 6.40am on Channel 5's Milkshake!


08 August 2018

Catch Jane Pearson's latest episode of EMMERDALE on Monday 13th August at 7pm on ITV. Zak is gutted when Rhona finds the owner of Monty the dog. However, Zak is devastated when the owner turns up and is cruel to Monty. Meanwhile, Sarah decides she won't be having any more treatment. Elsewhere, Frank is torn over whether to reunite with Megan.


written by Jimmy Hibbert
07 August 2018

A double helping of Mr Bean's antics for Jimmy Hibbert on Saturday 11th August starting with Bean Safari at 9.25 and The Robot at7.20pm both on CITV.


01 August 2018

Start the week with Kim Revill's latest episodes of EastEnders on Monday 6th August at 8pm and Tuesday 7th August at 7.30pm on BBC1. Kim's also Showrunner on Series 3 of RED ROCK which, for w/c 6th August, is going out daily at 1.45pm on BBC2.


dramatised by Stephen Sheridan
31 July 2018

Stephen's wonderful dramatization of Marie Belloc Lowndes's 1913 suspense thriller is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Sunday 5th August at 4pm. Set in 1888 and inspired by the Jack the Ripper murders it is narrated by Nigel Anthony.

KAZOOPS: Backyard Beach

written by Lee Pressman
20 July 2018

Monty and Stan pack the car for a trip to the beach butw hen the car breaks down and the trip is cancelled, Monty wonders whether you can have can have a fun day out without ever leaving home. Find out in Lee's episode Sunday 22nd July 2018 at 10.10am on CBeebies.

MR BEAN: Opera Bean

written by Jimmy Hibbert
19 July 2018

When Bean's car breaks down he is late for the opera and then refused entry because of his filthy attire. He is forced to borrow some clothes from the local launderette but then gets mistaken for the star of the show! Find out what happens in Jimmy's episode airing on Saturday 21st July at 7.20pm on CITV.

MR BEAN: Where Did You Get That Cat?

written by Jimmy Hibbert
17 July 2018

Mr Bean chases Scrapper around Mrs Wicket's flat but her sideboard tumbles over, and when Bean sees a bit of fur poking out from under it, he is horrified to think he has squashed poor Scrapper. Not realising that it is only his landlady's furry hat, Bean rushes what he thinks is a flattened cat across town to the vet in a desperate attempt to save his feline friend's life. Catch his antics on 19th July at 2.55pm on CITV


11 July 2018

Warm up for the World Cup Final with a welcome network repeat showing of Michael Russell's classic MIDSOMER MURDERS episode, "The Green Man" on Sunday 15th July at 11.25am on ITV.

UK premiere of RED ROCK Series 3

11 July 2018

Series 3 of award-winning Irish police drama, RED ROCK, premieres on BBC1. It airs daily at 1.45pm across the week from Monday 16th July. Kim Revill's Showrunner on the series and wrote a number of episodes across the run. Her first eps go out on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the first week.


dramatised by the late Diana Griffiths
10 July 2018

Another chance to hear Diana's wonderful dramatisation of Winifred Holtby's 1924 novel. It's going out on BBC Radio 4 Extra every weekday for two weeks starting on 16th July 2018 at 2.30pm.

THOMAS & FRIENDS: triple bill

written by Lee Pressman
06 July 2018

Triple helping of Lee's episodes this week starting with Kevin's Cranky Friend on Monday 9th July, Scruff's Makeover on Tuesday 10th July and finally Wayward Winston on Wednesday 11th July. Catch them all on Channel 5's Milkshake! strand at 6.50am